Fish Village

Dried Fish Products

Fish Village

100% Fish. Natural dried. A tasty chew suitable for all dogs (except for puppies under 4 months). The biting and chewing on the fish products strengthens the jawbone muscles. Fish contains high concentrations of Omega 3 and 6, which have a positive effect on skin and fur of the dog. Fish Village products contain no chemical antioxidants, no gluten and 100% grain-free. This makes our fish treats suitable for dogs with allergies.

Dried Cod Skin Rolls


Art. Nr. 90049
EAN Code 9120092990049

Dried Cod Sausages


Art. Nr. 90056
EAN Code 9120092990056

Dried Herring Sausages


Art. Nr. 90063
EAN Code 9120092990063

Dried Fish Sprats


Art. Nr. 90032
EAN Code 9120092990032

Dried Cod Biscuits Large


Art. Nr. 90018
EAN Code 9120092990018

Dried Cod Biscuits Mini

Art. Nr. 90025
EAN Code 9120092990025

Dried Herring Trainers


Art. Nr. 90070
EAN Code 9120092990070

  • 8 items per carton

  • 12 cartons per 1 outer carton

  • 16 outer cartons per pallet

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